Hey there, I'm a geek.
I'm also obsessed with tackling problems that "can't" be solved, and don't believe in sitting still.

I'm currently fascinated by the Internet of Things (IOT), Quantified Self, and ways to help people utilize the mass of data around them in productive ways to power their decisions and lives. If you have any questions, a problem you want to wrestle with, or a critique you'd like to send my way, hit me up via email or any of the other links on the left.


Updates Coming

This site has been quiet for far too long. I've been working on other projects, traveling the world (see my personal blog site for more info about that), and getting reestablished back in Denver. BUT, I'm back, in the process of designing and building a new version of this blog, and beginning the writing process anew. Don't have an exact timeline just yet, but I know it's time.

Looking forward to exploring more of the web and all it's possibilities with you all again soon,
Til then,